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Day Help

Assisted Transportation
Application for special transport for the disabled

If you are disabled and require a wheelchair, you can be transported by a special bus for the disabled in the Tórshavn Municipality. 

You must be accepted as a user before using this special transport.
This service does not cover sick travel.

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Cleaning Service
Application for Cleaning Service

The cleaning service in Tórshavn Municipality is meant for home-living pensions that cannot clean their home themselves. 

Typically, the cleaning service is only permitted to pensioners that already receive homecare and do not live with a healthy spouse or adult over 18 years old who can clean.

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Day- and Evening Offers
Application for day and evening support

There are four different offers for pensioners that cannot participate in the offers that the Health and Welfare Support usually offers elderly citizens, e.g., Tilhaldið.

The offer at Stjørnulon and Tjarnarlon is for pensioners diagnosed with dementia.

The working and training rooms are for national pensioners who, psychologically, socially, and understandingly, can actively participate. 

Day and evening support is offered according to needs and, therefore, must be applied through an application. 

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Home Care for Seniors and Dependent
Application for Home Care for Seniors and Dependen

You can apply for funding for caring for an elderly and dependent citizen at home. The fund's objective is to ensure that the dependent citizen can receive care and support in their home rather than move to a care home. 

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Meal Service
Application regarding food service

The food service in Tórshavn Municipality primarily targets living-at-home pensioners who cannot cook for themselves. Under particular circumstances, this service can be serviced to citizens under 67 years living at home. 

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