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Student Loan
Study Loan

To qualify for a study loan, you must be a student, be 18 years of age or older, and receive monthly financial support from Studni.

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Student Loan Interest Subsidy
Application for student loan interest subsidy

Student loan interest subsidy is a financial support scheme that grants students interest subsidy to reduce the interest they are required to pay on their student loan.

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Study Grant
Study and Book Grant Application

As a student in the Faroe Islands, you may apply for a grant from Studni, provided you meet certain criteria. 

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Transfer School
Application for changing Schools

Here you can apply to move/change to another school. Also if you are new in The municipalty of Tórshavnar kommunu and in need of school. You can choose from prep school to 9th grade. 

Read more about moving/changing schools (in Faroese)


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Travel Grant
Travel Grant Application

The travel grant aims to support Faroe Islanders that study abroad in their return to the Faroe Islands upon completion of their education. Once a year, Faroese students and their children are given financial support, giving them the opportunity to visit the Faroe Islands.

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