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Day- and Evening Offers
Application for Day- and Evening Offers

There are four offers for senior citizens who are not able to participate in the other offers that Heilsu- og umsorganartænastan (Health and care department) provides, like Tilhaldið. 

The day- and evening offers are means tested offers, therefore you have to apply for them.

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Occupational- & Physiotherapy
Application for occupational- and physiotherapy

Occupational- and Physiotherapy is a means tested service. If you are a senior citizen in the municipalty of Tórshavn you can apply for this service. Your application will then be processed and you will be contacted. 

Together with you we will do an professional evaluation and find the best occupational and/or physiotherapy service for you. If you want an specific service you can comment that in the application. It is the professional evaluation that decides which service you can get. 

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Residence for Seniors
Application for Residence for Seniors

In the Municipalty of Tórshavn there are eight residential options for seniors:

  • Four nursing homes
  • Three Assisted living homes
  • One old people’s home

The old people home and the assisted living homes have common living spaces and smaller rooms. Most of the homes are equipped with one bathroom with a shower per 3-4 resident. 

The nursing homes are bigger homes that are divided into to smaller sections. The residents have their own bathroom with a shower and each sections has a common room. Most of the nursing homes have both nursing sections and dementia sections. 

It is not possible to request a specific residence 

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Home Care for Seniors and Dependent
Application for Home Care for Seniors and Dependen

You can apply for a fee for taking care of seniors and dependent citizens at home. The purpose of the fee is to guarantee that the dependent citizen can get continuous care and presence at their home rather that moving to a nursing home.
When you have applied a visitator will contact you and then the application will be processed according to the description from the visitator. 

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