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P-tal and Registration

Multi-generation Register
Multi-generation Register

A registry of the hereditary relationships among the Faroese. The Multi-generation Register contains information regarding Faroese genealogy from app. year 1650 to date. App. 149.000 people are listed in the register.

The Multi-generation Register is drawn up in cooperation with the Faroese National Archive. 

In the Genealogy Registry, you are able to see an overview of your ancestors, going back in a direct line. The name of the persons will only appear when the person is over 100 years.

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P-tals Certificate
TK tal
Application for TK-number

If your child does not have a Faroese p-number, you can apply for a TK number, which is a temporary personal number that you can use for the daycare booking system BARN, until you receive a p-number. 

Read more about TK number (Only in Faroese)


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