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Runavíkar kommuna

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Building Permit
Building permit

Before starting a building construction, you need to apply the municipality for a building permit.

You are not allowed to start building until you have receive a permit from the municipality. When you apply for a building permit it is important that people with the necessary qualifications will do the drawings and calculations. That is an architect, constructor, technician or others that the municipality estimates to meet the requirements.

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Change of Address
Change address

In this self service, you can inform change of address when:

  • changing address in Runavík municipality
  • moving to Runavíkar municipality from another faroes municipality
  • moving from Runavík municipality to another country,  except when moving til Denmark, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland or Iceland. If you are moving to one of these countries, then Runavíkar municiaplity will receive notification from your new municipality. 
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Child Care

Here you can apply for your child to attend nursery, kindergarden, daycare or after-school center.

In order to apply, one parent and the child must be registered in Runavíkar municipality. If you are planning to move to Runavíkar municipality, you can register 6 months in advance.

Please send application as early as possible.

List of childcare offers.

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Child Care - Cancellation
Child Care Cancellation

Please use this self-service in order to inform the municipality, if your child will permenantly not be attending nursery, kindergarden, daycare or after-school center.

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Culture Grant
Application for culture Grant

Runavíkar kommuna allocates a yearly culture grant.

The purpose of the culture grant, is to support cultural events and projects in the Runavíkar municipality.

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Event on Public Property
Event held on municipal area

If you are arranging an event, that gathers a crowd, such as a fesitval, an outdoor concert or a bicyclerace, you need to apply the municipality for a permit.

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Free Childcare
Application for free childcare

If your child attends municipal daycare, you can apply the municapilty for free or reduced fee, depending on your income.

You have to renew your application each year, before 1. july. If you apply after 1. july, then a possible grant is valid from the start of the month, that the application is registered.

As parents, you are obligated to inform the municality, if there are changes is your income or other circumstances, that the grant is dependent of.

If changed circumstances lead to a lower grant, the grant will be regulated retrospective from the time of the changed circumstances. 

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