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Building Permit
Building permit

In this self-service you can apply for a building permit from Sjóvar kommuna.

A building permit application must be submitted to the municipality before construction starts.

A building permit application must be submitted to the municipality for approval ahead of any construction. Construction is not permitted to start until a building permit has been granted. A building permit application must be accompanied by relevant plans and calculations produced by technically qualified professionals. These may include authorised architects, constructors, engineers, technicians, or others qualified according to relevant industrial standards and requirements.

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Change of Address
Changing address

In this self-service you can register these address changes:

  • Moving to Sjóvar kommuna from a different municipality in the Faroe Islands
  • Moving to a new address within Sjóvar kommuna
  • Moving away from Sjóvar kommuna to an address outside of the Faroe Islands

You will need to register your new address in your new country of residence. If you are moving to one of the Nordic countries (Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Åland Islands or Finland), you do not need to register the address change to Sjóvar kommuna, as it will be automatically registered in our system.

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Child Care
Childcare service applications

Applications for childcare at a nursery, kindergarten or after-school centre may be submitted through the online self-service portal Vangin.

For the application to be granted, the child and at least one of the child’s parents or guardians must be registered with a permanent address in Sjóvar kommuna. Parents or guardians that intend to move to the municipality can apply for childcare admission up to 6 months before moving.

You are recommended to apply as soon as possible.

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Child Care - Cancellation
Cancellation of childcare services

It is your own responsibility to notify the municipality if your child no longer requires public childcare services. You can submit the cancellation notice through this self-service.

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Culture Grant
Cultural grants

Sjóvar kommuna annually awards grants towards cultural events.

The grants are intended to support cultural events and projects in the municipality

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Event on Public Property
Tiltak á kommunalum øki

Skalt tú skipa fyri tiltaki, sum savnar eina stóra fjøld av fólki, til dømis ein festival, uttandura konsert ella súkklukapping, skalt tú søkja kommununa um loyvi.

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Free Childcare
Subsidised childcare admission (frípláss)

If your child attends the public childcare services, you may be entitled to subsidised admission (frípláss).

Depending on your income status the subsidy may be either full or partial. You must re-apply for subsidised childcare admission every year before July 1st. If the application is submitted after July 1st, it will be processed on a rolling basis, and a potential grant will take effect from the first day of the month following the submission of the application.

It is your own duty to report to the municipality any permanent changes in your income or other relevant circumstances that may affect your right to subsidised childcare admission.

The grant or self-pay may be regulated retrospectively to the day the changes in your circumstances took effect.

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Monday to friday 08:30 - 12:00