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Subsidies and Expenses

Dual Household Subsidy
Application for dual household subsidy

Dual household subsidy is a financial support scheme for individuals who, for work-related reasons, have two places of residence. 

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Culture Grant
Application for Culture Grant

The purpose of the Culture Grant is to support projects, events and campaigns that enriches and improves the cultural life in the municipality.
The grant is provided to projects, events and campaigns relating cultural activities such as; exhibitions, performances, concerts and book- and album releases. The grant can also be provided to organization of conferences, seminars etc., about culture and art and leisure-time activities like sports and scouts.  

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Travel Subsidy
Application for travel subsidy

Travel subsidy is a financial support scheme for those who travel more than 20 kilometres between home and work, and who otherwise meet the requirements. You may claim travel subsidy for six months at the time, and you can only claim for past expenses. It is not possible to claim in advance. 

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