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Assisted Transportation
Application for special transport for the disabled

If you are disabled and require a wheelchair, you can be transported by a special bus for the disabled in the Tórshavn Municipality. 

You must be accepted as a user before using this special transport.
This service does not cover sick travel.

Read more about transport for the disabled


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Building Demolition
Application for removing buildings

You must apply for permission from the Municipality to remove a house, garage, carport, etc. 
You must follow the rules and regulations for segregating building rubble and notify the waste terminal three days before the removal; read the rules here.

Read more about removing buildings at 

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Building Permit
Application for a building license

If you have plans to build, you must send an application for a building licence to the building department in the municipality for approval. You are not permitted to start building until this approval has come through. When you apply for a building licence, people with the required skills must produce the sketches and calculations; this means architects, constructors, engineers, technicians, or others deemed experts by the municipality’s building department.

Read more about building (in faroese)


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Change of address
Flyta bústað

By using this self-service, you can inform of these changes:

  • Address change within Tórshavn Municipality
  • Address change to Tórshavn Municipality from another Faroese city council
  • Address change from Tórshavn Municipality to abroad, except Denmark, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland, as these countries' councils will notify Tórshavn Municipality of your address change. 
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Confirmation for Lack of Childcare
Confirmation for Lack of Childcare

If, after maternity leave, you cannot get childcare space in daycare and therefore experience financial issues and cannot go to work, then you can turn to the Department of Social Services to determine if you can receive temporary support. The Department of Social Services requires documentation from the Municipality proving that providing you with childcare space during the required time is impossible. You can apply for documentation for insufficient childcare here.

Read more about Confirmation for Lack of Childcare (only in Faroese)

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Cultural grant for larger scale projects
Grants for larger scale arts projects

Tórshavn City Council has granted extra funds to culture this year with a special focus on large scale arts projects. We can therefore announce a new grant opportunity with a total of DKK550.000 available to be distributed to successful applicants.

The new opportunity is in line with the vision for Tórshavnar Kommuna “Our Capital – active and attentive”, and the purpose is to support quality and development within art and culture in Tórshavn Kommuna.

The vision can be read here 

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Culture Grant
Application for Culture Funds

The culture funds aim to support projects, events and campaigns that enrich and develop the cultural life in the municipality. 

The Culture Fund can be given to projects, events and campaigns involving cultural work, i.e. exhibitions, performances, concerts, music and literature. This fund can also be used for organising conferences, seminars about culture and art and free-time activities such as sports and scouts.

Read more about the Culture Grant (in Faroese)


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Day- and Evening Offers
Application for day and evening support

There are four different offers for pensioners that cannot participate in the offers that the Health and Welfare Support usually offers elderly citizens, e.g., Tilhaldið.

The offer at Stjørnulon and Tjarnarlon is for pensioners diagnosed with dementia.

The working and training rooms are for national pensioners who, psychologically, socially, and understandingly, can actively participate. 

Day and evening support is offered according to needs and, therefore, must be applied through an application. 

Read more about Day- and Evening offers (in faroese)


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Environmental Grant
Application for environmental funding

Individuals, businesses, foundations, and societies can apply to the Municipality for environmental funding. The rules and regulations for funding are that you either live in the Tórshavn Municipality community, or the project provides for the environment in the Tórshavn Municipality.

The application, at the latest, must be with Tórshavn Municipality by the 31st of March of the funding year.

Read more about environmental funding (in Faroese)

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Event on Public Property
Organize an event in a municipal area

If you are organizing an event that brings together a large number of people for example a festival, outdoor concert or bicycle competition, you must send an application to the municipality and the police. It is important that you start to communicat with the municipality and the police at least 14 weeks before the event take place, as both parts must have the time to investigate the circumstances and process the application. 

Your application must be sent no later than 14 weeks before the arrangement is scheduled to take place.                                                                                             
Read more on 

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Free Childcare
Application for childcare grant

Are you a parent, and is your annual income lower than a certain amount? Then you can apply for free daycare. See information about the amount of income on the Department of Social Services website Almannaráðnum. This grant is a form of financial support that you can receive from the government for daycare payments. 

The deadline to apply for this grant is the 1st of July each year.
You must book your child a daycare space before applying for a grant. 

Read more about childcare grants.

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Home Care for Seniors and Dependent
Apply for Home Care for Seniors and Dependen

You can apply for funding for caring for an elderly and dependent citizen at home. The fund's objective is to ensure that the dependent citizen can receive care and support in their home rather than move to a care home. 

Read more about Home Care for Seniors and Dependent (in Faroese) 


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Meal Service
Application regarding food service

The food service in Tórshavn Municipality primarily targets living-at-home pensioners who cannot cook for themselves. Under particular circumstances, this service can be serviced to citizens under 67 years living at home. 

Read more about the meal service (in faroese)

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Municipal Social Housing
Application for local social flats

You can apply for local social flats here.
The social committee of Tórshavn Municipality will estimate your need according to the application and decides who is offered a flat.

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Occupational- & Physiotherapy
Application for occupational- and physiotherapy

Occupational and physiotherapy is an according-to-need service, and if you are a national pensioner in Tórshavn Municipality, you can apply for this. 

You and an expert will estimate what occupational and/or physiotherapy offer suits your needs. If you have a particular wish for your offer, then you can mention this in your application. It is the expert estimate that decides the offer that will be confirmed. 

Read more about occupational- and physiotherapy (in faroese)


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Ólavsøka Permit
Application for an Ólavsøka permit

If you wish to organise an exhibition or event or sell products on Tórshavn Municipality land during Ólavsøka, you must apply for permission. During Ólavsøka, Tórshavn Municipality organises all permits for events and sales in communal areas.

Read more about Ólavsøku permit (in Faroese)


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Ólavsøku Programme - Content
Ólavsøka Schedule – Material

It is now that the process of preparing the Ólavsøka schedule starts. If you plan to organise an event within sports, entertainment, culture etc., you must notify Tórshavn Municipality of this latest 30 of June.

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Parking Permit
Application for a Parking Permit

If you live within the parking area of the city centre and cannot park or create a parking space at your address, you can apply for a parking permit. 

Read more about parking permit (in Faroese)


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Plot for farming or gardening
Application about a land or garden plot

You can apply for a gardening or animal wildlife plot if you are 18 or older and live in the Tórshavn Municipality.

You can apply for either fenced land or a garden plot, but you cannot apply for both.

Read more about fenced land and garden plots (in Faroese)

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Residence for Seniors
Application for Residence for Seniors

In Torshavn Municipality, there are eight elderly care homes; this includes nursing homes, care homes and elderly house shares. Settlement is administrated according to needs. This means that there are three types of settlements in Torshavn Municipality:

  • Settlement for citizens with elderly disabilities and nursing needs.
  • Settlement for citizens with elderly disabilities and more significant nursing needs.
  • Settlement for citizens with dementia. 

You can be appointed accommodation if you are a pensioner that requires help or nursing throughout the day. In particular circumstances, accommodation may be provided to citizens not yet pensioners, such as a citizen with dementia.
The citizens with the greater need for help will be prioritised. The allocation of accommodation is bound by availability; therefore, it is not possible to request an accommodation in a particular home. 

Read more about settlement for welfare and nursing (in Faroese)

Kunning til borgarar um dátuvernd í samband við búpláss

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Short Term Residence for Seniors
Application for short-term accommodation

Stay-at-home pensioners that need short-term accommodation have the opportunity to apply. Urd and the Dementia department in Tjarnargarður provide short-term accommodation.
The purpose of this service can vary; this can be for rehabilitation, re-training, estimating needs, respite care and palliative care.

Read more about short-term accommodation (in Faroese)

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Takeover of private road
Application for overtaking a private road

If you own a private road in the Tórshavn Municipality, you can apply for the Municipality to take over the road and the administration of the road. 

Landowners that own private roads or part of a road are responsible for the road's upkeep, according to the police authority in the Tórshavn Municipality. 

Read more about overtaking a private road (in Faroese)

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Taxi Permit
Taxi licence

You require permission from the Municipality to industrially transport people with a motor vehicle. You can apply for this permission when the municipal advertises an available licence. If you need to renew your permit, you also do it here.

Read about the rules and deadline for the application HER

The licence are given for a period of five years.

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TK tal
Application for TK-number

If your child does not have a Faroese P-number, you can apply for a TK-number, which can be used in the BARN system until the P-number is attained. 

Read more about TK number (Only in Faroese)


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Transfer School
Application for changing Schools

Here you can apply to move/change to another school. Also if you are new in The municipalty of Tórshavnar kommunu and in need of school. You can choose from prep school to 9th grade. 

Read more about moving/changing schools (in Faroese)


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Whale Share
Application for share of pilot whale (Heimapartur)

If you are a citizen of the Tórshavn Municipality, you can receive a portion of the pilot whale (grind) even if you have not been involved in the slaughter. This is if the overall amount of pilot whale meat is substantial enough.

Here, you can apply for your portion and your household’s portion.

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